Victoria Beach: Gettin’ There

We decided to go down a different route from the PCH, and it ended up being a path that felt very un-Orange County, which was cool.


Well, well, a bit steep. Why did I wear my boots?

I'm a lil crazy daizy.

Go down the stairs, then there's a flat pathway that's slightly steep and slightly sandy. Oh yay? #SlightlyScaredForTheCamerasLife


Keepin’ Life Colorful

Lately I’ve been wearing mismatched jewelery.  Does it really matter if you’ve a amber ring matched with a turquoise bracelet? Of course not.  Well, I was sitting on my prayer mat, and suddenly realized that my look matched my rug.  I am cool enough!  (Of course this does happen to be one of the more crazier colored rugs out there, but it’s as crazy as its owner naturally.)

And then there’s the joy of vintage action sets in Photoshop.  It’s addictive.  I promise.

I can’t remember what the purple stone is, except that it starts with an S and is from Mexico.  Perhaps it’s time to turn to Google.

Shades of Purple

This belongs on a cake.

This is kinda weird.  The gray in the center is just, interesting.
I feel bad picking on a flower though.
Especially a purple one.

This is awesome.

This is vibrant!

This is pure purple.  No white stamens, or gray creepiness, or pink stripes. Just straight up purple.

This says we’re done now.