Laguna Beach: Goin Home


We tried our best to rush out of there and make it home in time.  But we failed.  It doesn’t matter though.  All that matters is that I got some spectacular-ish sunset pictures.  Pretty amazing given that I was holding the heavy lens in a moving car.  Sometime I rock. 🙂


Seal Beach Pier: The End

It irks me that the trash can at the back had to be there. But I'll get another chance with another iron bench on another day. Maybe.

It's facing the wrong way. Does that mean the water is staring at me? *gasp*

The lifeguard tower. Of course. I had to.

Ahh, California Washintonian Palm Trees, prettier in picture sometimes than they are in person.

Belmont Pier: Random

I like empty benches.  I really like empty benches.  I don’t have anything against people sitting in them.  But it’s fun taking pictures of empty benches. Please don’t certify me as crazy. Please.

I’m trying to figure out why there’s a lock there and no bike. Unless the bike was invisible. Hmm..

RSM Queen Mary to the right on the back.

Corona del Mar: View from Above and Stuff

I didn't want to join them by getting on the "Jetty." It was windy, and I had the obvious fear: what if the wind drags me into the water...I can't swim..!

Click this image, and then click previous if you want to put yourself through more pictures of boats. Entirely your choice. I wouldn't if I were you. Or would I...