Light at the end of the tunnel

The hallway that takes you from the ICU part of the hospital to the regular ward.

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You never realize how easy Allah has made things for you, until you (or a loved one) hits rock bottom.  When you sit in an ICU, it finally dawns on you what the ayah in Surah Ibraheem means.  […and if you (try to) count the Blessings of Allâh, never will you be able to count them.]  Our health really is the most amazing thing we could possibly have.  It’s also pretty humbling when one seemingly small thing, a broken bone from a fall, could result in a month-long trial, that would have you hooked up to 10 tubes.  May Allah safeguard us from all forms of ill health and make us amongst the grateful.

Attempting to humor ourselves by watching ongoing construction.  There was a happy face on a bucket that’s in the construction area, which was a bit of a cheer-upper.

A very nice waiting area, and it was quiet.  It’s nice to be by yourself sometimes.
Gotta love the huge bricks.  #Awesome!


Several years ago, there used to be a building here that rented out halls for parties and stuff, and a little Muslim congregation rented it out weekly for Jumuah prayers.  Then it was sold, demolished and turned into a store.  Not the best picture I know.  But whatever.