Turkey: Animal Life

And that’s all for Turkey!




I was sitting in my room, with my ears plugged up and the volume up not too high, but high enough to be wrapped into my own world.  Then my door opens, and nobody is standing there.  Just my sister running down, and telling me to come.  Like huh?  I step out, and I hear a meow.  Seriously, kinda interesting to hear a meow from outside all the way upstairs.  I guess the little creatures make the mightiest sounds.

Just look at those cute lil ears, and cute lil paws.  Then there’s the big eyes and big whiskers.  The big whiskers always give me a good giggle, especially when it’s on such a tiny kitty.  Hahaha.  I guess it knew my past with cats and picking up cats by their front paws, because it didn’t want to be anywhere close to me. *sigh*

Oh well kitty, we still have your picture.  And I’ll just imagine pulling your tail…gently. *grin*

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