A Tiny Burst of Color

I passed by this lip gloss several times in WalMart.  Unlike my sister, for myself I find that chocolate mostly trumps make up.  Unless it’s eyeliner we’re talking about and I’ve gone through all of mine.  But I already have 5 tubes of lip gloss, although 3 are really close to the finish line.  I was going to wait until they were tossed in the bin before buying another, but my sisters coaxing and the lovely color got a bit tough to pass up.  It pretty much begged to go home with me.

I much rather like the color.  My sister has the lipstick, which is really nice, but lipstick doesn’t stick with me.  It’s not too light, but not as hot as the Boots No7 Lip Gloss.   It’s also not as sticky as the Boots, and although I’ve noticed other people hate stickiness, since my hair hardly ever gets in my face, the sticky works for me.  It lasts longer.  This doesn’t last as long on its own, but definitely lasts longer than Rimmel.  I’m so done with Rimmel.  I apologize deeply, Your Majesty.  I used a light coat of the sheer Boots lip gloss before applying the Revlon, and made it through lunch.  And I had a lot for lunch.

Apparently some peeps over at Makeup Alley said they had glitter that was gritty, but I got lucky in that mine was regular and superfine.  Maybe the first few batches that were produced were sucky?

Or, Revlon likes me.

Yes, it’s all about me.


Goin Green

Who knows if green eyeshadow will look good on me, or pale blue for that matter.  But we’ll find out soon enough.