This is no lie


What Is the Strongest of All?

A group of people were arguing about the strongest thing that Allah created when Sayyidina ‘Ali (Radiallahu Anhu) walked in. So they asked him, “What is the strongest thing that Allah created?”  Sayyidina ‘Ali began with the obvious:

A mountain, but a mountain can be broken down by metal,
so metal must be stronger, but metal can be melted by fire,
so fire must stronger, but fire can be extinguished with water,
so water must be stronger, but the clouds carry water,
so clouds must stronger, but the clouds are directed by the wind
so the wind must be stronger, but the same wind if a man holds firm to his ground will not be moved by this wind,
so man must be stronger, but if that same man is intoxicated he loses he loses control over himself,
so intoxicants must be stronger, but if that intoxicated man goes to sleep it takes care of the intoxicants…
but a man with anxiety will never go to sleep.  The strongest thing Allah created is anxiety.

Lil Chubster

Bug: *fake grumbling* You’ll are making me work. It’s because I’m the fat boy.
Me: Work, chubby, work! *pause* Rub-a-dub-chub!
Bug: You should have said put in the tub, chub!

What can I say, I don’t do fat jokes. 😉

Fob Speak

Me: Shut the TV off…
Her: Ook, and turn the light on? *laughs*
Me: Huh? What? *laughs*
Her: Nevermind…I meant turn the doorknob on. Or something. :blush:

Apparently some people can’t do “fob-speak.” Snobs. 😉

Chop those chilies, or not

My mother has me chop up a whole bunch of chilies, so I do it happily.  Chop, chop, chop away.  I finish and she looks and sheepishly says: Oh my, I don’t know why I made you do all that work, we’re going to mince the meat anyway and that was going to get minced with it!


Int. Women’s Day

Not sure where women have really come in the last 100 years, and not sure where we’re going.  But hopefully it’s ultimately for the better.  Maybe in the next 100 years, we can wisen up and become like the likes of the Sahabiyah, who were modest yet opinionated. Myself first… 🙂

“It is not women’s fault if we are so tender. It is in the nature of the lives we live. And further, it would be a terrible catastrophe if men had to live men’s lives and women’s also. Which is precisely what has happened today — to women.” [Selma James]

“Our Islamic religion has given women more rights than any other religion has, and has guaranteed her honor  and pride, but what has happened is that men have sometimes used certain aspects of this religion to create a patriarchal class system in which males dominate females.” [Nawal El Saadawi]