Turkey: Food


Pears and Apples

It’s a sad day when I take more pictures of fruit than I eat them.  Must.Change.Soon.

Instant Joy

I don’t go for instant coffee. But I was feeling cold, and it’s been a while since I inhaled the beautiful smell of coffee, so I figured why not? Just, why on earth not?

Of course, my brother the anti-microwave-man caught me while I was heating the milk, which made this kind of a forbidden treat, and thus all the more enjoyable. Yes, I admit to being terrible.

Beet Root Soup

My mom made beet root soup.  I stared at it.  My eyes darted across the kitchen seeing if there were any other alternatives.  Then I saw there were noodles.  So I figured, I’ll have the soup and if I don’t enjoy it, then at least I’ll enjoy the noodles.  Turns out I enjoyed both. Yay!

The Month of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

When I was a kid I became friends with two sisters in the masjid.  Then I grew up.  And the grew up.  They grew up before me, being older after all.  We spontaneously meet every few years when the family so decides.  This time they came by with an older sister I don’t recall meeting, but apparently makes awesome chocolate chip cookies.  So naturally we asked for the recipe.  And somehow my mother must have made about 5 different batches of cookies since.  I can safely say the chocolate chip cookie craving I had in December has been 110% satisfied.

Raspberry Kisses

We went in two weeks after Christmas, with the hope that Wal-Mart still had Candy Cane Kisses.  We kept meaning to go earlier, but it kept getting pushed back.  We get to the holiday chocolate area, and there’s Raspberry Kisses.  You serious?  Why would you prepare for Valentine’s Day so freakin’ early?!  We bought some anyway to see what it’s like, and it is pretty good.  Not comparable to the Candy Cane Kisses, but they’re nice enough to finish off the two bags we bought.

Delightful Candy Cane

Hershey’s Kisses makes my heart happy when it comes to their striped chocolates.  I loved the Hugs and Kisses for a long time (how could you not love milk and white chocolate being combined?!) and remember being distinctly unhappy when they decided to break my heart and add Whey Powder to the ingredient list.  I think they noticed I stopped buying it, cuz they eventually removed that ingredient.  If only M&M’s would notice my absence now… The candy cane kisses are seriously awesome, it’s so refreshingly minty, yet unlike mint candies it’s not overpowering with its mintiness.  And then there’s white chocolate.  ‘Nuff said, yo.

I really wish this was a year round chocolate.  At the very least, it better return next year.

The Mint Mocha Experience

Thanks to pinterest, I’ve gained an appreciation for Starbucks bottles.  I’ve always had a fascination for milk bottles.  It gives me sentimental feelings of a time I do not know.  A time when a milk man delivered milk in glass bottles, rather than us buying it from a store in plastic bottles.   Well, take the sticker off from the Starbucks bottle and you’ve got yourself a small milk bottle.  I have plans for it…  When I’m less lazy.

On another note, I must get a grievance of my chest.  I was not the slightest bit impressed by the Starbucks Frappuccino.  It most probably was to be expected, since I have been pampered with the luxury of my sister’s homemade Frappucino.  But let’s honor the coffee here, Starbucks!  I took a sip of it and was horrified.  I liked the taste of the mint, it felt like I was drinking the Aero chocolate bar, and all sorts of happy thoughts from my childhood flashed before me.  The horror was that I didn’t taste coffee.  If there coffee written at least 4 times on a bottle, I expect a hint of a coffee taste!  The second horror was that they use reduced fat milk, and it tasted watery.  It goes without saying that I loathe skim milk with a passion.

I ended up pouring a little bit of brewed coffee and cream to Starbucks, just so that I could get through the bottle.  Thank you Starbucks, for all the effort you put into making sure I would not get addicted and ensuring I appreciate my sister.

Free Fruit

We’ve all of a sudden got an abundance of fresh free fruit from people who’re picking from their backyard trees.  Avocados, guavas, lemons, persimmons, pomelos…  Like wow.  To be honest, besides in smoothies, I’ve barely got any hunger to eat ’em.  I may have to make lunch just a fruit meal if I want to eat some of it.  But I’m not really one of those people who could pull off a fruit meal.  Unless I were on a plane.  And I wouldn’t be given a persimmon on a plane.  Oh well.

The lemons look amazing though.  I love the green.  I really need to zest it and bake some citrus cookies.  Exciting, innit?