Victoria Beach: Gettin’ There

We decided to go down a different route from the PCH, and it ended up being a path that felt very un-Orange County, which was cool.


Well, well, a bit steep. Why did I wear my boots?

I'm a lil crazy daizy.

Go down the stairs, then there's a flat pathway that's slightly steep and slightly sandy. Oh yay? #SlightlyScaredForTheCamerasLife


Laguna Beach: This is just the beginning! ;)

Arrived at Laguna Beach, and immediately taken by the purple.

Now down the windy path...

with gorgeous view getting closer...

Ah, now the stairs!

Plus a stable area for the tripod that I left behind the car.

Corona del Mar: Pathways and Stairs

The last time we went to the beach was last year.  Like literally, one year ago.  Now you must be thinking, well the pinhead most probably doesn’t live close to the beach.  Wrong.  I live about 15 minutes away from a pretty awesome beach, with pretty awesome shells, and a pretty awesome pier.  Sad, right?  Right.  I know.  But there’s always been excuse.  Summer time comes and beach is full of people, so no fun there.  Winter time comes and well, hello, you go to beach to cool down, so going in the winter time will turn me in a icicle.  I assumed that February would roll around and the days would get automatically warm.  Wrong again.  We merely got lucky that Wednesday was mildly warm, and that we didn’t wait til the weekend to go to the beach, because well guess what?  The water faucet in the sky opened up and it’s been raining since midnight.  Like whoa…