Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!

Let’s play another game of peek-a-boo?

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been back in college, and although I’ve been snapping a few pictures, and have even been editing them *gasp*, I’ve not been in the mood to actually post them.  How utterly tragic for you.  Or not.  I’m not really in the right mind to blog out words, but we’ll see where we end up soon.  Maybe something might just strike a nerve. 😉


Protect Yer Teeth!

There’s nothing more American than stacks of Oreos and following the cookie binge with serious brushing, flossing, mouth washes, and miswaking.  Well, except for the miswaking part.  That’s just my thing.  Our teeth mean a lot to us.

I could smell the minty freshness while the floss was in it’s package, which really made me want to floss more than I usually do.  Heck, I feel like flossing now just cuz.  But I need to eat a few more homemade-with-love-and-all-that-sappy-stuff cookies.

Oh, My Dearest Love

Admire the texture.  Admire it, I said!  Ok, don’t.  I’d prefer it if you didn’t like it actually.  I’m rather possessive. 🙂

I got a bit dramatic, saying I didn’t want another Toshiba, because my previous one would get an attitude whenever I’d make it work a little for me.  Like, jeez, hello!  I’m the one who shoves an attitude your way, not the other around!  In any case, I accepted another Toshiba in my life. ❤

My love arrived a couple weeks ago.  It feels like we’ve been together foreverrr.  The wait was forever too.  Somehow, even when you know it’ll be arriving at the end of the day, you still feel like sitting by the window all day staring out in anticipation for the big brown truck.

A numeric pad! w00t!

A Happy Pinhead

The Life of a Tree

Once upon a time, a weed popped up in our garden that looked like it might be a tree.  A year later we saw the leaves, and they looked like they could be a Sycamore tree maybe, and our street name is Sycamore so we figured keep it.  It started sucking up the water that the roses next to it needed and we wanted to take it out, but then surprise!  We saw a berry on it! :shocked:  It earned that spot, so we backed off and let it be.  We’re kind that way.

Last year it had some berries.  We didn’t get to eat it, cuz the birds swooped in and called dibs.  They saw our dejected faces and sang a happy song basically telling us “duh, you didn’t even plant the tree and then you wanted to get rid of it.”

Fine, birdbrain.

This year you look at the tree, and there’s like a thousand berries on it mashaAllah.   It is all the more amazing because we didn’t even ask for it.  Allah, or “nature”, just put it there.   There are so many blessings we don’t even ask for but just get and we take it for granted and complain about the things we ask for but don’t get.  They’re usually not as in your face as a mulberry tree though.

It’s all about iAppeal

Eye appeal.

I almost wrote out Eye apple.

I guess it works.

My mom, by her own confession, is addicted to books.  So she got my brother and sister onto the job of building a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf for her room.  With that came a bit of re-arranging, and a table had to leave her room.  I raised my hand eagerly accepting the table in my room.  Now, I honestly do not like moving furniture.  The last time my room got changed a bit was when I had to share my room in Ramadaan, and after my sister left and took her bed with her, I didn’t bother moving my bed.  It looked wrong, but that proves to you my dread and laziness.

The awesome thing about moving things around though is all the candy wrappers, tissues, and scraps of paper that find their ways under everything.  Then there’s the layers of dust in areas that you could not easily reach, or wouldn’t even think that dust would go.  My room feels all fresh and nice.  I just need to run the vacuüm cleaner once more, and light up some incense for that lovely welcoming smell.

Gettin down on Friday Night!

Chillin in the back seat.

Uh yeah.


We went to TJ Maxx, so not quite any other American’s idea of “gettin down on Friday night” I guess.  It was so much fun though.  One might think admiring an assortment of glassware and not knowing what to choose is boring, but it’s seriously awesome.  If I ever had my own home, I might be the eccentric type who would have mismatched plates, just because it’s much more funsy having a floral green plate and a yellow and blue flowery mug paired together than it is to have a cream teacup and cream plate.  Oh come on, please, you know I’m right.

I lured my sister into the aisle, then we lured my mother into the aisle and somewhere along the way my brother meandered in.  There we were, a family admiring glass.  A Muslim family admiring glass.  Because, you know, we don’t have such wonderful stuff back home.  Except for the part where we do.  I guess another lady must have thought something spectacular was in the aisle, so she came in with her big shopping cart.  Slowly, creeping along, acting like we were in her way.  I was actually embarrassed for a moment.  That is, until after she was out of our way, or we were out of hers, whatever.  I raised an eyebrow at my brother who looked back at me thinking did you see what I see? She did not stop to look at anything in the aisle and could’ve easily went into the next aisle for a quick exit.  Or maybe she did glance at the stuff, and just didn’t get the hype.  It’s all about the simple pleasures though.

One Hour

If I only have an hour to get out of town, I’d try to not think about the reasons why I’m being evacuated, and just pack up.  Anything.  A few pairs of clothes, some water, granola bars, and hopefully my cell phone battery won’t be dead…  Really though, if there’s something drastic taking place, would I really have the chance to pack up?  Wouldn’t I just pretty much check if there’s a bottle of water near me and run, in any direction?  That’s why we’re supposed to have earthquake preparation kits, so that in the moment of crisis you’re not running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Although, even if I had the kit, I’d most probably be still running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  But that’s just me.  Hopefully millions of others aren’t like that.  Because we’d all be running into each other at that rate…

Chop those chilies, or not

My mother has me chop up a whole bunch of chilies, so I do it happily.  Chop, chop, chop away.  I finish and she looks and sheepishly says: Oh my, I don’t know why I made you do all that work, we’re going to mince the meat anyway and that was going to get minced with it!


Speak up

I can be an immature nut around my siblings, but in public I’d much rather people didn’t notice me.  It sorta, kinda sucks when the attention does land on me, and they decide to ask me a question.  They’re really just trying to be polite because my mother and sister do most of the talking, so naturally I must feel left out.  Or when I’d be in class and the teacher decided it was really boring to have the same students answer over and over again, and would a point her finger anywhere and somehow it would land on me. Yay! Not!  Sure, I knew the answer, but it’s just not fun.  Especially when you’re wearing niqaab, and it feels like everybody expects that when you open your mouth you’re supposed to have a foreign accent.  The only time it was hilarious having the spotlight shine on me was when everybody was visibly bored with fellow classmates sign language presentations, and somehow I went up and everybody sat up and paid attention.  In the moment, that really sucked, because I was counting on them not to pay attention.

It goes without saying that I would not be the one standing in a line who wants start a conversation.  Nor do I want the other person to start a conversation, since that would mean I have to reply.  I wish I could entertain harmless chit chatter, but clearly I’m a just a bit awkward.   Thankfully, the most a person can do is comment on the weather outside though, and I don’t know if they want a conversation or they just feel a compulsion to say something, anything.  All I want is to buy my bags of chocolates, get outta there, and get home to watch an episode of Bones.  Because eating chocolate while watching Bones is a spudtacular combination!


It was a warm day, and even though two of us weren’t quite as motivated to, we headed out for a walk on the beach again.  A two mile walk suddenly became a lot faster, or literally speaking came to a snails speed, as we stopped to snap pictures of the randomness catching our eye, tried to decide whether a shell was just right enough to accompany us back home, or simply to gaze at the awesome beauty that is the ocean as the waves gently went back and forth and the afternoon sun reflects off the water in such perfection that makes you realize the Power of the Creator.  I picked up too many shells, given the fact that I only intended to pick up one and end up with maybe ten.  I even saw some stones that I couldn’t resist.  At one point my brother muttered, why can’t we find gold here instead, this is California after all.  Sure enough, at that very moment his eyes landed on a stone that was mustardy gold in color, and for the memory of it I insisted we take it.

Those moments of fun should never be taken for granted.  I am in horror by what just happened in Japan.  We live in a time where we can watch coverage live as it’s happening, and I think that makes it scarier.  Living in safety and watching a disaster unfold brings you down more than a peg.   Watching it at first, I was under the impression that they had an earthquake, and I stared at the TV dumbfounded trying to understand why things were moving until they said for the fifth time tsunami.  As devastating as this was, they mentioned that Indonesia’s 2004 tsunami was worse. That I don’t want to imagine.  When you tune into the news for morbid news from Libya and see this, well, it makes you wonder what leaders are thinking.  They are so blessed to be living in safety, and decide that simply won’t do.  If chaos doesn’t come to them, well, they’ll bring it on.

Prayers for people all over the world suffering.