What’s the time?

Time to leave.


Shades of Purple

This belongs on a cake.

This is kinda weird.  The gray in the center is just, interesting.
I feel bad picking on a flower though.
Especially a purple one.

This is awesome.

This is vibrant!

This is pure purple.  No white stamens, or gray creepiness, or pink stripes. Just straight up purple.

This says we’re done now.

1 Red, 2 Red, 3…

The Nasturtium.

The Mountain Bottlebrush.

The Hibiscus.

The. Oh wait, I don’t know.

The way you stare at me… I feel like I’m supposed to know your name.

Lakes, Streams, and Waterfalls


The rays of the sun manage to peek through the giant.

Imagine having a tree house up there.  But we’re not monkeys, so no.

Whoa, the mighty roots.

Standing on the roots, and lookin up.

Something tiny.  Wonder how long it will take to grow up.

A Fallen Orange

If I had the energy of a child, and of course be that carefree, I woulda run across.

Valencia oranges.  One fell.  I didn’t touch it.