Corona del Mar: View from Above and Stuff

I didn't want to join them by getting on the "Jetty." It was windy, and I had the obvious fear: what if the wind drags me into the water...I can't swim..!

Click this image, and then click previous if you want to put yourself through more pictures of boats. Entirely your choice. I wouldn't if I were you. Or would I...


Corona del Mar: Things are a bit rocky

My favorite part about Corona del Mar, and which is why I saved it for last.  Actually, second to last.  I promise, this is almost over, and then something new!  I’m in love with the rocks at this beach though.  Not a lot of the beaches have rocks, where I’m at, and seeing the water make a splash as the waves crash against the rocks is so much fun. 

Corona del Mar: Notice Ignored

I took this picture on my down the windy, steep pathway. The sign says keep your dog on a leash, so like naturally people wouldn’t have their dogs unleashed.  Right? Uh, wrong.  We’re walking up the pathway, and there’s a big brown dog, that honestly wasn’t very cute either, that’s unleashed.  The owner had to go a step further, by blocking the pathway by stopping to talk with fellow dog owner friends.  Y’serious?!  Okie dokie…  As for littering, I love the fact that somebody went and left their water bottles by the no litter sign.  Apparently the best places to break the rules are where the rule signs are.

Corona del Mar: Pathways and Stairs

The last time we went to the beach was last year.  Like literally, one year ago.  Now you must be thinking, well the pinhead most probably doesn’t live close to the beach.  Wrong.  I live about 15 minutes away from a pretty awesome beach, with pretty awesome shells, and a pretty awesome pier.  Sad, right?  Right.  I know.  But there’s always been excuse.  Summer time comes and beach is full of people, so no fun there.  Winter time comes and well, hello, you go to beach to cool down, so going in the winter time will turn me in a icicle.  I assumed that February would roll around and the days would get automatically warm.  Wrong again.  We merely got lucky that Wednesday was mildly warm, and that we didn’t wait til the weekend to go to the beach, because well guess what?  The water faucet in the sky opened up and it’s been raining since midnight.  Like whoa…