It’s a matter of authenticity

It = Pro-Mubarak peeps.


The Little People

I used to like dwarfs.  Not that I don’t anymore.  I don’t know any in real life, so I can’t say.  Anyway, I used to read those lil books for kids about dwarfs, on my own and was fascinated.  Their portrayal on TV is downright freaky though.  They always come across as sarcastic, the mean type.

What’s with them jumping at people?  Who the heck jumps on gun-obsessed Denny Crane (Boston Legal)?  Even when they don’t jump at anybody, you feel like they’re about to attack the person. They can be sleeping, and your heart starts racing, thinking they’ll wake up in a moment and come after the person.

At least Bones broke the cycle of freaky dwarfs.  He was mean, but damn, Brennan is funny. 😛

Radziwell: Why are you being so confrontational?
Brennan: You’re used to people deferring to you because of your size. It’s a normal response that you take advantage of. I don’t like it.
Booth: Here we go.
Brennan: See? Even you don’t wanna say anything to hurt his tiny feelings. (to Radziwell) I don’t mean that your feelings are tiny. I mean that you have feelings about being tiny.

Booth: C’mon, Alex, baby steps…(pause) No offense.
Brennan: (laughing) I just got that, it’s baby steps because (laughs) you’re so small. (pause) It’s probably offensive. (as Radziwell leaves) Sorry…

Doc Martin

I most probably should not admit this, but I turned the TV on for the heck of it last night. *gasp*  Some stupid movie named Doc Martin was on.  It had some pretty stupid yet hilarious quotes, most of which I forgot.

Patient: And you reckon these will work, do you?
Doc Martin: No – I just prescribe them for fun.

Patient’s Son: *as he’s walking away* Bless you.
Doc Martin: *looks after with a scowl and mutters* But I didn’t sneeze.

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