The Pumpkin Head

Can you see the toothy grin? No? You’re not looking close enough… *sigh*

Sliced, seeded, skinned, and sizzling ghee.

A drizzle, or a downpour, of snow, um, sugar.

And we’re done!


Scattered Tins

P7211746I was moving the table, and did not bother to take everything off the table first. I had my tins stacked up, and they went toppling, and they fell exactly as pictured.
Oh, and the eyeliner is there cuz I was soooo happy to have found after having lost it a year ago. Yay!

Putting a stop to the ant invasion

P7201734I hate using Raid, especially in my room, cuz the smell makes me feel like choking, and I feel guilty for killing the ants. But the invasion was driving me half insane. 😕