Seal Beach Pier: The Feathered Creatures

Too lazy to fly to the top of the fence?

One foot forward

Ah, the posing pigeon, aware of our camera and aware of it prettiness.


Seal Beach Pier: Old Age

I had a little bit of a pleasant surprise when I got to the pier and saw that it was wooden.  What is cooler than a wooden pier?!  Actually, don’t answer that, I’m sure that even I could name cooler stuff, but that’s really besides the point.  Even funner is when the planks start to creak as you walk.  For reals. Yikes.

Belmont Pier

This might be the least fun pier I’ve ever been to.  Granted I’ve not been to a lot of piers, only two before this that I can remember.  There wasn’t the usual lively buzz that you’d expect from a beach, but I chalked it down to the fact that we were there on a Friday.  Then I noticed homeless people, which is a bit depressing, because seriously the last place where anybody should be sleeping is on a pier.  Does it get colder than that?  Third, the pier was not pleasant smelling.  Typically it smells salty, but this was just like really bad…stuff…  Anyway!  At least it made for some pretty grungy shots.