Corona del Mar: Things are a bit rocky

My favorite part about Corona del Mar, and which is why I saved it for last.  Actually, second to last.  I promise, this is almost over, and then something new!  I’m in love with the rocks at this beach though.  Not a lot of the beaches have rocks, where I’m at, and seeing the water make a splash as the waves crash against the rocks is so much fun. 


Corona del Mar: Living on the Edge



Was feeling a bit girly, more than usual, and decided t’was a good day to put some purple eye shadow on.  I’m usually too lazy to do anything more than eyeliner, and if I didn’t feel so blah without eyeliner I wouldn’t even bother with that.

The Blue Book

Given that my previous expired passport was filled up with stamps as reminder to never forget my two amazing trips for Hajj, my new passport book feels very empty.  The better part of it is that the horrible picture of when I was ten can be now left as a moment of the past, and I’m grateful that my current picture isn’t a regret. No, I’m not vain.  The new passport is also very fancy. I never would’ve thought they would re-vamp it.  Makes me feel special, and rightfully so, cuz I am special!

Keepin’ Life Colorful

Lately I’ve been wearing mismatched jewelery.  Does it really matter if you’ve a amber ring matched with a turquoise bracelet? Of course not.  Well, I was sitting on my prayer mat, and suddenly realized that my look matched my rug.  I am cool enough!  (Of course this does happen to be one of the more crazier colored rugs out there, but it’s as crazy as its owner naturally.)

And then there’s the joy of vintage action sets in Photoshop.  It’s addictive.  I promise.

I can’t remember what the purple stone is, except that it starts with an S and is from Mexico.  Perhaps it’s time to turn to Google.

Going Blue!

Flowers, bokeh, crayon scribbles, grunge…  Maybe I overdid it with the bokeh, but I’m still proud of myself.  That’s the main thing. 😉

April is both Child Abuse Awareness month and Autism Awareness month.  Both share the color blue.  I get why Child Abuse has the color blue, it is a blue topic, but I’m not sure why they settled on making autism blue.  It makes my life easier though, so no complaints.

Muslims have come a long way from the times of the Sayyidina Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam), where a lonely child would be noticed and taken in with love, and where an individual with a disability would be given a job of prominence rather than being shunned aside.  Granted, not all people with disabilities can make it far, however the fact that they’re facing a test from Allah calls for mercy.  We may not be able to change an entire society, but we can change ourselves and prevent abuse from taking place within our homes and treat others who are different from us with the respect and dignity they deserve and not stigmatize them for a situation they have no control over.