Seal Beach Pier: The Feathered Creatures

Too lazy to fly to the top of the fence?

One foot forward

Ah, the posing pigeon, aware of our camera and aware of it prettiness.


Belmont Pier: Pigeons and a Seagull

I love pigeons.  They’re strange, yet lovely creatures. It’s easy to take them for granted, since they’re so many of ’em, and they don’t strike me as potentially scary as a seagull can be.  They’re just wrapped up in their own little world.  Kinda like me.

Turkey: Animal Life

And that’s all for Turkey!

Alone in the Park

My sister was going to class, and I had a bright idea.  The park is pretty close, so I figured while she was patiently suffering a monotonous lecture, I’d have fun snapping some pictures.  It was 9am, and I walked around for maybe 20 minutes before I decided I didn’t really like being alone.  So I went in the library, sat down to check up on some gluten-free books, and an hour later headed back out when there were mothers walking with their kids, and a lotof dog owners with their dogs.  But as long mothers are around, things feel quite a bit safer. Yay.
T’was a good thing indeed that I headed back out when I did, for if I hadn’t I would have missed that cute, furry little squirrel.  I got pretty lucky.  I saw the lil guy munching away on whatever it is that they eat, and I inched closer, and closer, and closerr, and he stops to stare into my eyes very suspiciously.  I stop and stand still, and he goes back to munching happily.  Good to know there are creatures out that don’t perceive me as a threat.  Squirrels are smarter than some humans.

To College and Back



I was sitting in my room, with my ears plugged up and the volume up not too high, but high enough to be wrapped into my own world.  Then my door opens, and nobody is standing there.  Just my sister running down, and telling me to come.  Like huh?  I step out, and I hear a meow.  Seriously, kinda interesting to hear a meow from outside all the way upstairs.  I guess the little creatures make the mightiest sounds.

Just look at those cute lil ears, and cute lil paws.  Then there’s the big eyes and big whiskers.  The big whiskers always give me a good giggle, especially when it’s on such a tiny kitty.  Hahaha.  I guess it knew my past with cats and picking up cats by their front paws, because it didn’t want to be anywhere close to me. *sigh*

Oh well kitty, we still have your picture.  And I’ll just imagine pulling your tail…gently. *grin*

Chasing Happyness

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you”

[ Nathaniel Hawthorne]

Buzzing on their way

These look like daisies, but they’re not!  They were growing on the Petiolate fig tree.

Unripe sumac.

The bee swooped in to make my picture perfect.