Looking at these pictures large, rather than the thumbnail is muuch better. I seem to find pink/red flower pictures a bit fussy, it gotta be just right in order to appreciate their beauty.


Something Red: Don Juan Climbing Rose

I don’t typically go out and get the roses in time.  What usually happens is that my mother reminds me repeatedly, until one day I finally go out.  By then I find that all the petals had fallen off and they’ve turned into rose hips.  Which is okay enough, since you can make jam from rose hips.  And tea, if I recall correctly.  But anyway, this time I got to enjoy the multitudes of red, healthy roses, happily welcoming me into their side of the garden. *pats myself on the back*  And then I clipped ’em.  *ouch* And pulled their petals off. *double ouch*  And then we made rose petal jam out of it. *drool* Of course.  At least they were once happy.

Victoria Beach: Gettin’ There

We decided to go down a different route from the PCH, and it ended up being a path that felt very un-Orange County, which was cool.


Well, well, a bit steep. Why did I wear my boots?

I'm a lil crazy daizy.

Go down the stairs, then there's a flat pathway that's slightly steep and slightly sandy. Oh yay? #SlightlyScaredForTheCamerasLife

The Blue Book

Given that my previous expired passport was filled up with stamps as reminder to never forget my two amazing trips for Hajj, my new passport book feels very empty.  The better part of it is that the horrible picture of when I was ten can be now left as a moment of the past, and I’m grateful that my current picture isn’t a regret. No, I’m not vain.  The new passport is also very fancy. I never would’ve thought they would re-vamp it.  Makes me feel special, and rightfully so, cuz I am special!

Made in India

My dad got me these from India when I was a child, along with a white necklace that reminded me of strands of pearls.  I love that they’re metal, and lasted forever.  Cuz I now I have cute bracelets to take pictures of!

I saw the covers my dad bought from India on his recent trip (recent as in 2003), and figured why are they just sitting there?  Good things are meant to be used once in a while, and what better day than ‘Eid? I love the flowers embroidered on them.

1 Red, 2 Red, 3…

The Nasturtium.

The Mountain Bottlebrush.

The Hibiscus.

The. Oh wait, I don’t know.

The way you stare at me… I feel like I’m supposed to know your name.

How red do you like it?

If you want your sauce or tandoori chicken to be really red, without using food coloring,  just go crazy with beet root.  Natural and healthy for ya, plus a lovely color!