Let It Snow

Twas December 15, at ten o’ clock at night, and I sat atop my bed wondering what shall I do. Blog some pictures, change my WordPress theme, or just go to sleep?  One look at my abandoned blog and I decided it was time to change the background.  So I puttered about in Photoshop…and two hours later I came out with an ammature snow woman.  Don’t pick on her though, she might be smiling, but she be vicious and attack you with snow balls.


For Hajj

Typically I let my OCD control me, and make sure I do not change my theme before the 1st of the month.  But I decided that the 1st of Dhul Hajj would be a good excuse to change it before November.  Besides, I’m not likely to get to it on November 1, cuz I’m really just cool like that.

A sunrise shot from a mountain in Makkah.

Pictures were taken from here and here.

Chalk It Up

School’s out, or almost out, or not out for me because well, you know… Chalkboards are so September (*ahem* 1911, September 2011 is more white board and PowerPoint), but I’m upside down with everything. The other day, which was like way back in May, I told my sister I want a giant chalkboard. June rolls by, and I see she has a chalkboard banner. I sit there sad for a moment that I hadn’t thought it up. Whatever. Google some chalkboard tutorials and decide I must outdo her. Serves her right. Hmph.

Not that I have actually outdone her.  Creativity always beats a tutorial.  *sniff*

All I need is an apple now.  And an American flag draping on the side…

The Sun Shines Upon Us

Hmmm…this whole thing I got going here might actually look a bit Banana Republicish, without the bananas.  Or Brazilian, without the…um…soccer balls?  It needs a bit of touching up, but I might only get around to it by May 31.

Going Blue!

Flowers, bokeh, crayon scribbles, grunge…  Maybe I overdid it with the bokeh, but I’m still proud of myself.  That’s the main thing. 😉

April is both Child Abuse Awareness month and Autism Awareness month.  Both share the color blue.  I get why Child Abuse has the color blue, it is a blue topic, but I’m not sure why they settled on making autism blue.  It makes my life easier though, so no complaints.

Muslims have come a long way from the times of the Sayyidina Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam), where a lonely child would be noticed and taken in with love, and where an individual with a disability would be given a job of prominence rather than being shunned aside.  Granted, not all people with disabilities can make it far, however the fact that they’re facing a test from Allah calls for mercy.  We may not be able to change an entire society, but we can change ourselves and prevent abuse from taking place within our homes and treat others who are different from us with the respect and dignity they deserve and not stigmatize them for a situation they have no control over.

Flowers n Grunge

A few years ago, when I saw grunge graphics I was not the least bit impressed.  They looked very depressing to me.  Not that you’d realize that looking at my recent stuff.  Modularity Lite came around, and then my sister downloaded a bunch of grunge brushes for Photoshop.  It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been using Modularity Lite, and I got sick of the darkness.  I need light!  I changed the theme, but nothing was good enough.  I searched 100s of pictures on Deviant Art, and nothing was good enough. An idea struck when the voice asked me: why don’t you make your own background, dummy? Voices can be mean sometimes.  This was the result of 30 mins of hard work:

[1280 x 768]

I’m in lurvee.

It was supposed to be 800, not 768, but I messed up and realized only after I was done.