But I can tolerate them.  The first day of classes, I’m walking past the computer labs and the library, and all I see everywhere are Macs. Oh joy.  I had used a Mac for like 3 minutes a few years ago because all the PCs in the lab were being used and there are always several available Macs.  I wonder why.  The painfully slow mouse drove me nuts, as well as something else that I can’t really remember right now, and I ended up leaving really fast.  I guess gifting me a Mac would cut my addiction to computers.  Don’t tell my parents.  Please.

I’ve come to tolerate Macs now.  Once I realized where the power on button is, and where the USB port is on the keyboard, and that the Mac “control” is not equivalent to the PC “ctrl” on the keyboard but rather it’s “command”, my life become considerably easier. Since I have no choice but to sit there and look like a fool picking up the mouse to make the process go faster, I will.  PCs FTW.


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