Samsung Flight II

Times have changed.  I was lucky to get my LG Incite when I did; I got an awesome phone for next to nothing and no data plan to pay monthly.  Apparently, now if you want a likeable phone, you have to pay $15 a month for a stupid service you won’t bother using.  I want it to make calls you idiots, and to take pictures that when uploaded to my computer do not look like crap, not to surf the web.  If I want to surf the web, and addictively Repin everything on Pinterest, guess what I’d do?  I’d stay home!

I settled for a free phone, despite the 2MP camera.  I got it and my heart sank.  Kinda.  Not really.  I still have the LG, and my heart is in that one anyway.  The phone feels so plastic though.  If I drop it just once, I have no idea what will happen.  Mostly it will split apart.  Or crack the screen.  Or the camera lens will fall out.  I don’t want to know.  So I’m not going to find out.  Hopefully I can sell it to somebody who would love it more than I can ever and forget this ever happened.


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