Suttar Finni

Making this was not something I really looked forward to.  It seems really tough, and it does take some time.  Having my mother help me made it a ton easier, so I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy much if I ever have to do it without her.

First you make a dough that roughly kneaded together.  Getting to the point where it silky and smooth is way too tough a job on your hands.

So we use the mince meat grinder attachment and send the dough through two times.  Then you let the dough rest for a little bit, before you dip your hands in a lot of oil and start stretching the dough until it’s thin.

Really thin.  Now you coil it around your fingers, and once it’s big enough you break the end, and make another coil.  And on and on.

Am I done yet mother? How about nowww?

Ah. Not so bad for my first time!


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