There’s About $10 Here…

I was sorting through my drawer and saw my Hajj memories pouch.  I knew I had Saudi coins, but totally forgot about the notes.  Upon on further examination, a light bulb went off in my head.  Pretty rare moment.  The names of the kings are on the coins.  What’s more interesting is that King Faisal and King Khaalid don’t have Malik in front of their name, only King Fahd does.

I guess I need to go back to get a newly minted one with King Abdullah’s name…

Cuz that’s the only reason to go back for…. [Note the sarcasm of course.]

See the eye in the corner? Seriously. Stop looking at me. Stop. Now.

Somehow Bakistan smuggled its way in.  For real.  I was staring at the coins going, what? Three dots?  Ohh!  Urdu?  How did I get two coins from Pakistan. How?  In any case, I accept it graciously.

But it’s no longer in the Saudi pile.

Just. Because.

Gosh I love foreign currency.

Stay tuned for more.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Don’t change the channel.  Y’know the drill.


3 thoughts on “There’s About $10 Here…

    • I’d say it’s cooler. I don’t have to protect coins like I have to the stamps. And my OCD tendencies gets annoyed with the postal office stamping up the stamps. I like the stamps without those funky black ripples on them. Is that too much to ask for? 😦

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