Oh, My Dearest Love

Admire the texture.  Admire it, I said!  Ok, don’t.  I’d prefer it if you didn’t like it actually.  I’m rather possessive. 🙂

I got a bit dramatic, saying I didn’t want another Toshiba, because my previous one would get an attitude whenever I’d make it work a little for me.  Like, jeez, hello!  I’m the one who shoves an attitude your way, not the other around!  In any case, I accepted another Toshiba in my life. ❤

My love arrived a couple weeks ago.  It feels like we’ve been together foreverrr.  The wait was forever too.  Somehow, even when you know it’ll be arriving at the end of the day, you still feel like sitting by the window all day staring out in anticipation for the big brown truck.

A numeric pad! w00t!

A Happy Pinhead


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