The Chocolate Chip Catastrophe

Not my proudest moment.  The cookies spread out and are flat as pancakes.  To add to it, I mistakenly overbaked it by two minutes, and well they’re not as soft as I’d like.

I popped them in the oven, I checked 5 minutes later and I could tell they were spreading out.  I freak out and ask my mother, hey, why are they spreading?! in a tone that begged her to please fix this wreckage.  She increased the temperature, but there are some things that are out of even a mother’s control.  I checked again 5 minutes later and told myself, okay they’ll be done in a few minutes.  I forgot about it and then another mini freak out shoot, my cookies, I forgot!  By this point, my dad who was sitting there the entire time, chuckled and was like don’t worry about it, your brother will eat it at least. 😉  Haha.  Except that he’s barely eaten any and they’re sitting there sad knowing they’re rejects. 😦

Anyways, it took me about ten minutes, and then I remembered what happened, and what a triumphant moment that was indeed.  I used margarine in half of the batch, and that’s the batch spread out.  Now to see how to prevent that from happening next time.  Fun, fun, fun!

One thought on “The Chocolate Chip Catastrophe

  1. Maybe use Crisco. Yum! 😛

    And, hey, I ate them, so I don’t know what his problem is! Maybe he’s being benevolent and letting me have them ^)

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