It’s all about iAppeal

Eye appeal.

I almost wrote out Eye apple.

I guess it works.

My mom, by her own confession, is addicted to books.  So she got my brother and sister onto the job of building a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf for her room.  With that came a bit of re-arranging, and a table had to leave her room.  I raised my hand eagerly accepting the table in my room.  Now, I honestly do not like moving furniture.  The last time my room got changed a bit was when I had to share my room in Ramadaan, and after my sister left and took her bed with her, I didn’t bother moving my bed.  It looked wrong, but that proves to you my dread and laziness.

The awesome thing about moving things around though is all the candy wrappers, tissues, and scraps of paper that find their ways under everything.  Then there’s the layers of dust in areas that you could not easily reach, or wouldn’t even think that dust would go.  My room feels all fresh and nice.  I just need to run the vacuüm cleaner once more, and light up some incense for that lovely welcoming smell.


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