Gettin down on Friday Night!

Chillin in the back seat.

Uh yeah.


We went to TJ Maxx, so not quite any other American’s idea of “gettin down on Friday night” I guess.  It was so much fun though.  One might think admiring an assortment of glassware and not knowing what to choose is boring, but it’s seriously awesome.  If I ever had my own home, I might be the eccentric type who would have mismatched plates, just because it’s much more funsy having a floral green plate and a yellow and blue flowery mug paired together than it is to have a cream teacup and cream plate.  Oh come on, please, you know I’m right.

I lured my sister into the aisle, then we lured my mother into the aisle and somewhere along the way my brother meandered in.  There we were, a family admiring glass.  A Muslim family admiring glass.  Because, you know, we don’t have such wonderful stuff back home.  Except for the part where we do.  I guess another lady must have thought something spectacular was in the aisle, so she came in with her big shopping cart.  Slowly, creeping along, acting like we were in her way.  I was actually embarrassed for a moment.  That is, until after she was out of our way, or we were out of hers, whatever.  I raised an eyebrow at my brother who looked back at me thinking did you see what I see? She did not stop to look at anything in the aisle and could’ve easily went into the next aisle for a quick exit.  Or maybe she did glance at the stuff, and just didn’t get the hype.  It’s all about the simple pleasures though.


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