That’s how the leaves roll

First you have a big pile big green leaves.

Then you make some yellow paste, and smear it on.

Fold over the sides, and start rolling.

Watch as the small pile turns into a big one. Yay!  Steam ’em now.

Then you fry up some onions with sesame and mustard seeds…

…and take this out from steam, and remove the onions from the oil…

…and place the rolled leaves in the pot and fry, then top with tomato purée and the onions.

Weeeeeee!  I sense I might be alone in my excitement.  Tough crowd of one…


3 thoughts on “That’s how the leaves roll

  1. Awesome title. Also awesome pictures. I especially love the last one, tres rustique. (What I was trying to say was…very rustic. Might have gotten lost in translation.)

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