What do you eat?!

While at the library today I saw The Century, by the wonderful Peter Jennings, for sale.  Only $10.00, a steep drop from $60.00, but after plopping down in a a really comfy armchair and skimming through the book I decided I would either check YouTube for the video version or simply check it out at some point in the near future.  He did make the history a bit more interesting, so I definitely should check it out.

Sitting there in my traditional garb, I stared in amazement at these funny words.  Who would even assume that a people would give up their food just because they’re relocating?  I love fried chicken, but Tandoori chicken still has its own lovable charm.  I suppose if what you eat in the privacy of home determines how “Americanized” you are, it only makes sense that how you dress outside would definitely be a factor to consider.

There is comfort though.  After all, here we are a hundred years later and I’m sure the social worker’s grandchild is most probably sitting somewhere enjoying the pure enjoyment that can only come with cheese and tomato paste on crusty bread.  Or dipping a doorknocker in their coffee.  It’s simply unquestionable that Americans make the best pizza in the world and we’re the only ones cool enough to put chocolate chips in biscotti.  But the Italian’s still introduced America to the concept.  And I am thankful to them for it.

I’m a bit hungry now.


2 thoughts on “What do you eat?!

  1. The social worker’s grandchild probably married the descendant of that family the social worker wrote that about. And they probably run an Italian restaurant. Coz, come on, that’s just the way karma rolls!

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