Speak up

I can be an immature nut around my siblings, but in public I’d much rather people didn’t notice me.  It sorta, kinda sucks when the attention does land on me, and they decide to ask me a question.  They’re really just trying to be polite because my mother and sister do most of the talking, so naturally I must feel left out.  Or when I’d be in class and the teacher decided it was really boring to have the same students answer over and over again, and would a point her finger anywhere and somehow it would land on me. Yay! Not!  Sure, I knew the answer, but it’s just not fun.  Especially when you’re wearing niqaab, and it feels like everybody expects that when you open your mouth you’re supposed to have a foreign accent.  The only time it was hilarious having the spotlight shine on me was when everybody was visibly bored with fellow classmates sign language presentations, and somehow I went up and everybody sat up and paid attention.  In the moment, that really sucked, because I was counting on them not to pay attention.

It goes without saying that I would not be the one standing in a line who wants start a conversation.  Nor do I want the other person to start a conversation, since that would mean I have to reply.  I wish I could entertain harmless chit chatter, but clearly I’m a just a bit awkward.   Thankfully, the most a person can do is comment on the weather outside though, and I don’t know if they want a conversation or they just feel a compulsion to say something, anything.  All I want is to buy my bags of chocolates, get outta there, and get home to watch an episode of Bones.  Because eating chocolate while watching Bones is a spudtacular combination!


4 thoughts on “Speak up

  1. Who tried to engage you in conversation while you were buying your chocolate?

    😆 you’re right about the choco-chomping during Bones. Except for the episode about the bones in the chocolate. Spudtacular not, that one.

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