While I see Bahrain’s issue as a Sunni vs Shia fight because it is only the Shia’s standing up in the protests and they are not united with other oppressed people in their country, I also see it as a oppressed vs oppressor issue.  In Egypt, our brothers and sisters who were suffering at the hands of a Sunni government, were Sunni themselves.  In Saudi Arabia, the ulama who are in prisons while some are Shia, there are overwhelming number that are Sunni.  Same with Tunisia, Libya (that is, if Gaddafi is even Sunni, but his population definitely are), Pakistan, and I don’t want to sit here naming the endless stream of countries.  So, I won’t.  I can’t help but be perplexed that people are choosing this moment to be ashamed of themselves being Sunni.  The stance the governments are taking against their people is not a reflection of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jam’ah, it is only a reflection that they are high on power.

That said, I am saddened that the same people who are defending the lives of the Shias, are not giving the same respect to the Pakistani Sunnis in Bahrain.  If they were killed by government thugs, it proves that the government is blindly killing people.  If they were killed by the Shias, I can only wonder what possesses an oppressed person to oppress another.


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