It was a warm day, and even though two of us weren’t quite as motivated to, we headed out for a walk on the beach again.  A two mile walk suddenly became a lot faster, or literally speaking came to a snails speed, as we stopped to snap pictures of the randomness catching our eye, tried to decide whether a shell was just right enough to accompany us back home, or simply to gaze at the awesome beauty that is the ocean as the waves gently went back and forth and the afternoon sun reflects off the water in such perfection that makes you realize the Power of the Creator.  I picked up too many shells, given the fact that I only intended to pick up one and end up with maybe ten.  I even saw some stones that I couldn’t resist.  At one point my brother muttered, why can’t we find gold here instead, this is California after all.  Sure enough, at that very moment his eyes landed on a stone that was mustardy gold in color, and for the memory of it I insisted we take it.

Those moments of fun should never be taken for granted.  I am in horror by what just happened in Japan.  We live in a time where we can watch coverage live as it’s happening, and I think that makes it scarier.  Living in safety and watching a disaster unfold brings you down more than a peg.   Watching it at first, I was under the impression that they had an earthquake, and I stared at the TV dumbfounded trying to understand why things were moving until they said for the fifth time tsunami.  As devastating as this was, they mentioned that Indonesia’s 2004 tsunami was worse. That I don’t want to imagine.  When you tune into the news for morbid news from Libya and see this, well, it makes you wonder what leaders are thinking.  They are so blessed to be living in safety, and decide that simply won’t do.  If chaos doesn’t come to them, well, they’ll bring it on.

Prayers for people all over the world suffering.


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