Int. Women’s Day

Not sure where women have really come in the last 100 years, and not sure where we’re going.  But hopefully it’s ultimately for the better.  Maybe in the next 100 years, we can wisen up and become like the likes of the Sahabiyah, who were modest yet opinionated. Myself first… 🙂

“It is not women’s fault if we are so tender. It is in the nature of the lives we live. And further, it would be a terrible catastrophe if men had to live men’s lives and women’s also. Which is precisely what has happened today — to women.” [Selma James]

“Our Islamic religion has given women more rights than any other religion has, and has guaranteed her honor  and pride, but what has happened is that men have sometimes used certain aspects of this religion to create a patriarchal class system in which males dominate females.” [Nawal El Saadawi]


2 thoughts on “Int. Women’s Day

  1. I keep meaning to listen to more Nawal el Saadawi, and I keep getting sidetracked. Love that insight from Selma James! Awesome quotes.

    Modest and opinionated? I think you’re managing that quite well ❤ (mashaAllah)

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