Hunger, Shoes, Tea Sets…

My mother told me to go eat curry and rice before we went out today.  But I was lazy.  I’m not the typical Guji that is easily excited simply by hearing the beautiful words “curry kichri.”  It tastes great, but there is a slight chance that my people are crazy.  I didn’t even totally feel like going out, but went along for the ride.  I told myself to put a couple of chocolates in my handbag, because every time I go out without having eaten, I will starve.  It’s just natural.  I could sit at home for the same duration and not eat, and even look at cookbooks with drool-worthy pictures, and nothin.  But go out, walk around a store for maybe 10 minutes and bam! :/  Talking of bam, stay away from Emeril Ware.  Just sayin…

. – . – . – . – . – . – . – .

What’s up with shoes lately?  There used to be the extremes of plainly flat and painfully arched and the moderate of just enough heel to make you a little bit taller without killing you.  How do people wear either flat shoes or super high heels?  What are they thinking? Are they thinking?  I think not…  There’s no way I’ll ever wear flats. I’m short.  I don’t need to feel shorter.  Every time I’ve ever worn high heels, I’m filled with remorse and come very near to weeping and talking to my precious feet, telling them how sorry I am and a promise to never hurt them.  Of course, I’ve not yet made that promise.  I am likely to break it given the right occasion.

On an entirely different shoe note, I’m annoyed that the boot styles have deteriorated.  I have been wearing boots since I was about 10, and I really don’t want to stop now because a bunch of no-good-designers want make me miserable.  I still do have my current pair to take me places, but what oh what will I do when it decides it doesn’t want to work for me anymore? *sob*

. – . – . – . – . – . – . – . – .

Why did Macy’s have such a clunky display for something so elegant as Royal Albert?  They put a chair on top of a table and then put some glassware on the chair.  My brother wondered aloud what if somebody accidentally bumps the table and the chair goes flying? Trust him to think up something mortifying.  His mission in life is to create phobias in me.   I wish I took a picture, but some things are nice for people to envision in their heads.

They had such a cute mini tea set there.  There is only one purpose for a mini tea set.  For little girls, who wear bright yellow dresses with a neon green polka-dotted bow, to play with.  Thus it would be pointless buying an expensive set, which could very easily break in the hands of a child who really means well.  Ok, ok, I concede, there is another reason, which would be for it to sit and look pretty on a shelf.  Just not my shelf.


2 thoughts on “Hunger, Shoes, Tea Sets…

  1. And here I thought you’d taken a picture of that tea-set. You know, I hate that part of dept stores, where all the glassware is right along the aisle. You think you can avoid the anxiety by not venturing into the glass-wares section, but no.

    If women would just stop buying those ridiculous shoes, they’d not be tottering around, looking like they just stepped off a space shuttle. Sheesh.

  2. I was goin to, but then I figured I’d annoy people around by takin pics. :p

    I used to have worse anxiety when I’d walk through the wine aisle by mistake, freaking out that the bottles would come crashing and I’d be drenched in wine. Of course, thinking back, why wasn’t I scared by shattered glass. Oh the mind of a child…

    LOL. Don’t judge. 😉

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