Let’s watch the child abuse show!

I was watching Tom Hanks parody of Toddlers & Tiaras, which I have to say was hilarious.  I have to say, I’m not completely clueless.  I’m aware of child pageantry, and the obsessive nature of over-weight and not really pretty mothers whose lives have hit a dead-end and have decided they will live through their children.  What I was clueless about was that there are reality shows about child pageant contestants.   I guess that must be the other joy of having cable, the first joy of course being able to watch Anderson Cooper when your internet is crazy without having it buffer on ya.  No, wait, the other joy would be watching Top Chef, and not having to wait for it to be uploaded to the internet.  *thinks* Yup, most definitely!

The idea of giving these twisted beings a show where the world can peek into their sorry lives is shocking.  I would doubt the sanity of person who could watch such shows on a daily basis, and does not come out at the end of each episode scarred.  It’s pretty disgusting watching them not only make their adorable children look like adults, but dance and say gross things like adults.  One mother, who claimed to have a background in Child Development *insert mad laughter here*, decided since she didn’t have daughters she would let her sons be girls.  Thankfully, she wasn’t cross-dressing, but the idea of having boys enter in a pageant because you want them to be like girls is male abuse.  Her facial expressions were pained, maybe she’s suffering postpartum depression and this humors her.  Another mother was fidgeting with the wig on her daughters head and ignored the child who was crying because she was starving and tired.  The same child also said her mother puts make up on her to make her look pretty.  Her words, not mine.  What caused my jaw drop, for like the 100th time, was when one mother said she entered her child into these things because people would pass by and tell her how cute her child was.  No duh, Sherlock.  That’s what people do when they see a cute child.  I’m pretty darned sure they weren’t thinking, she’s so cute, turn her into a china doll and make her talk dirty.

I would be more understanding if the purpose of the show is that the finale would include law enforcement entering and taking these children and putting them in more loving homes.  But I’m guessing it’s meant to be a legal bonus for the perverted men out there.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if there are creeps, besides the freakish parents, who show up to watch the pageants live.

Before anybody thinks I’m a weirdo, I didn’t even watch entire episodes.  I only had to watch maybe 5 clips to be left traumatized, yet thankful for the parents I’ve been blessed with.  It’s not just pageant parents who freak me out, but gymnastic and figure skating parents too.  As a kid I mildly resented them for not letting me learn to skate, out of fear that I was skinny and I’d break some bones.  But heck, better they prevented me, then try to abuse it and go “oh hey, she wants this, let’s go make her a pro and try to make some money of this.”  :/  I could still go learn it now anyway, if I weren’t so scared.  I should.  I will.



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