Welcome to the family

The internet was misbehaving.  Bad internet!  Bad!  Our lives depend on the bloody thing!  Especially with revolutions to keep up with.  There’s nothing worse than trying to watch videos, and you watch 10 seconds, patiently wait for 15 seconds as it buffers, and then on and on!  On the flip side, there’s nothing funnier than my mother getting addicted to the computer just as the internet is going dodgy and her wanting to know exactly why.

My sister decided to call them up, against my advice. <_<  They came and gave us a new modem.  I liked our previous one to be honest.  It wasn’t single colored.  That makes all the difference.  Besides we had so many good times with it.  Sad to see it leave without a proper farewell.  😦  But at least now I can watch videos again with ease.  How fun.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the family

  1. 😯 You advised me wrongly! I should take away your internet privileges.


    I rather like this modem. The old one looked a bit 90s, to be honest.

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