Who Do We Worship?

Regrettably, at some point or another we have all become lazy with regards to acts of ibadah, even that which is fardh.  Despite the fact that the Sahaabah (Radiallahu Anhum) never failed with their salaah, even in the heat of battle and in moments of fear when facing one-on-one with an enemy, the inspiration gets lost on us.  It’s assumed that sure, the Sahaabah did it, because they were pretty near perfect.  Today’s masses aren’t like that; they won’t drop everything for salaah, which in turn is of course the reason they deserved their tyranny.  For that reason alone, I’m grateful to have witnessed the recent events in the Arab world.  Whenever I think of Egypt and Libya and remember their fight for freedom, the main memory I will always have is of them remaining strong in salaah as water was harshly sprayed at them.  Or right in the middle of the protests, they’d stop pushing the security forces away and they’d just form their rows and start praying.  Or when Suleiman announced the resignation of Mubarak during Maghrib, and while everybody surrounding the Muslim in Tahrir Square breaks in cheers, the Muslims fall into sujood.  What a perfect moment.

It was narrated by Ma’qil ibn Yassaar that the Messenger of Allah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “Worship at times of tribulation (fitnah) is like Hijrah to me.

It also a moment that puts me to shame.  There is nothing sadder then while Muslims are struggling for their basic necessities and all the while remember Allah, there is a person like me who has so much more than they do and barely does anything for the sake of Allah.  I often wonder how it is that royalty behave in the manner that they do, but unfortunately, we all lack the Sayyidina Uthmaan (Radiallahu Anhu) quality.  Unlike his spending his money to buy off the well in Madeenah for benefit all Muslims in Madeenah, ours is spent towards things that will take us away from reality.  Movies, pets, makeup, clothes, cars, houses, iStuff, and the list goes on.  Even when it is spent on those in need it is done for the headlines.  Because we love to praise people for doing things that they’re supposed to do.  Money is worshipped, while the One who has given us money?  Well, that’s where the excuse of “He is All-Merciful and we can worship Him in different ways” kicks in.  Somehow, I think the Egypt and Libya way is the way to go with…


2 thoughts on “Who Do We Worship?

  1. The thing about witnessing the salaah in Egypt and Libya is that you get the feeling that for those praying, it was not their last resort option. It was their first option–and thus it not only stayed with them, but it moved the world.

    For the first time, the salaah was praised as a “moving scene.” It moved me too, in ways that seeing other moments of prayer didn’t–probably because it shamed me so much.

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