A year from now, 2012.  Things will have changed significantly in the world.  It always does, but we don’t really notice, do we?  It takes events like what has happened in Egypt and Tunisia to come around and make sure you notice.  Suddenly catching up with your favorite TV shows isn’t so important, and the mere idea of the news showing the daily life of some celebrity in rehab leaves you in shock.  Waking up every single morning and wondering what’s going on, but having that positive feeling and hoping that whatever is happening will be good is refreshing.  In such a bleak world, it’s almost surreal to imagine that things can become better, if we just make the effort.  It’s a no-brainer, but most daunting tasks are.  It actually feels unreal, and while you’re cheering them on, you have that fear in the back of your head that something could go so massively wrong.  Failure isn’t the end of the world.  People loosing their lives is the end of their world, though.  It’s that courage to stand up and face the reality without fear that deserves recognition and has the world gripped.

May all those persevering towards good be blessed with good.


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