Super Sunday

Last year, we plopped down in front of the TV only to find that nothing was on except for the Super Bowl and Remember the Titans. Such joy.  I never cared much about football.  Soccer, yeah.  Basketball, if the Lakers are in.  Tennis, whenever my sister watches.  Cricket, omg, no!  On second thought, maybe I should try cricket when my dad decides to next watch.  Hockey, seems fun, but I’ve never even seen it on TV.

Then there’s Figure Skating and Gymnastics, which I’ve now grown bored of.   Tara Lipinski and Svetlana can’t-remember-her-last name made Figure Skating and Gymnastics pretty fun.  They’re gone, and the appeal is as well, which suits me just fine.  I once read that when looking at an x-ray of gymnast’s ribs, the doctor thought she was looking at an 80-year-old person’s ribs.  How scary is that?

Back to football!  I’m rooting for the Packers.  ‘Cuz I know somebody in that state.  Football is the only sport where I have no clue who would most probably lose.  I typically go for the losers, cheering them on until I’m ultimately disappointed.  Ok, not really disappointed.  The African countries made it further then expected in the FIFA games.  I did cheer for the Lakers in the last championships, being from the same state and all, but next time I won’t.  They’ve won enough times, and the fans are a disgrace.  I hope Andy Roddick makes it to winning some trophy again some day.  If for nothing else, then make a special cup for him for his awesome interviews, and the crazy tirade of course.  With cricket, I simply just want India to win when it looks like Pakistan will, and for Pakistan to win when it looks like India will.  I’m sure they’re happy I no longer pay attention to the scores.  Except that I just heard on Al Jazeera, a very unreliable news source I know, that Pakistan’s players were accused of trying to fix a game.  So forget that, even if they’re loosing, I ain’t supporting them.  India, India, India!  (I like chants where I know all the words. 😉 )


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