The Tenth Cirle

Apparently, I’ve somewhat turned into my childhood self again.  I love reading again.  All is good in the world again.  All I need now is chocolate chip cookies with milk, and my life will be complete.  Or something like that.  I’ll settle for croissants though, because I’m humble.

I read The Tenth Circle, and Picoult regained what hope I lost in female authors thanks to Ferraris and Doudera.  None-the-less, I’m thrilled to find a new author to like, because as much I wistfully stare at great classics like The Grapes of Wrath and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  All the books I should have read in high school, I just couldn’t seem to get around to it.  Up until I was 14, I would check out a ton of books, and line them up in my bookshelf and pretend I owned a mini library.  I even had imaginary patrons, because well…my siblings couldn’t be bothered to check out the Baby Sitters Little Sister series or whatever I was into at the time. 😦  I did actually read the books, until I hit 14, and started checking out books that were just too deep (i.e. boring) for me.  They would sit lonely on my bookshelf and I hoped I would gain some motivation just by looking at them.  I never did.  I’m not even”fun” enough to get into the Lord of the Rings, Hairy (as my brother purposely pronounces it) Potter, or  Twilight mania. That really leaves me out of the loop.

Perhaps I should give The Grapes of Wrath a second chance.  The Pearl was a good book after all.

ReadATyourOwnRISKbecauseItContainsHINTS! When I read that there was an act of violence in the jacket, that changes the lives of the parents and daughter, my mind automatically thought murder. Like duh, what other acts of violence are there? Huh, huh? Nevermind…   The novel deals with pressures girls face amongst their peers, and what they’re willing to do for a stupid guy, as well the conflicts the parents go through during the crisis and oh so much deceit.  Trixie Stone wants a boy and only that boy; the problem is he doesn’t want her.  All he wants is a friend…with benefits.  *puke*  He thinks she’s willing to go for that when she loosens up at a party, leaving her to go home and cry to her father that she was raped.  The boy’s confused, the girl never said no.  Sometimes, actions say no when the tongue can’t.  But maybe guys are just that clueless.  While I think the guy is a jerk, I do feel sorry for him.  He didn’t see this coming, and genuinely thought she wanted what he did to her and that she was like any other girl at school who was okay with themselves being objectified.

It’s good to know that despite such a reality, America is not a scary place for teen girls to live, as opposed to unnamed countries which are clearly mens-only territories.  It’s good that [some] American parents aren’t authoritative [and let their children make the irresponsible choices that destroy their lives].  I should not have to say the following, but I feel the need anyway: I love America, and I’m a patriotic citizen.  I know some parents  in other countries destroy their children’s lives, and anybody [besides my sister] who lands up should figure out that I don’t defend stupid parents wherever they’re from.


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