I feel sorry for Comic Sans

Over the last couple days, wherever I am, a Comic Sans hating post is sure to pop up.  It was my favorite font when I was 9.  Then I grew up.  I ditched it for Arial.  After that, Verdana became cool to me.  Does anybody really use Verdana anymore?  Or more importantly does anybody even at least remember Abadi Condensed? Oh man.

The other day, I saw somebody defending Comic Sans and said they use it to make graphics.  My jaw dropped.  Of course I am quite possibly snobby.  There are a million free fonts out there that are easy to download and install! Why settle so low? Graphics aren’t like essays; the rule with graphics is to use different, funky fonts.  Yes, I said it’s a rule. Look it up.  Wait, you’ll look that up, but you won’t bother installing a more interesting font?  You must be kidding.

I have mild OCD issues. I have to settle on a font I like because it will be used consistently through the year.  I cannot have an essay written in Verdana here, and Arial there.  That makes me look flakey.  Of course, there’s a potential that my flakiness might be noticed simply by reading what I write.  But that’s a test of your perception. 😉  Now I love Trebuchet.    It’s not as boring as Arial, but not as fun [or childish, take your pick] as Comic Sans.  It should be the new default that replaces Times New Roman.  You wouldn’t believe what torture what I felt when I was required to have my essay in Times New Roman.  I loathe that font.  Sure, there are instances where it can be used.  But my precious essays are way too awesome to be dulled down by that font!  Maybe I did increase it’s honor though, by using it.

Brick was right.  Know your fonts and you can strike up a conversation with anybody.  Or just with yourself.  Fonts are amazing.  Italics are as well.


2 thoughts on “I feel sorry for Comic Sans

  1. I still love Abadi Condensed; well, I’ve got a soft spot for it, anyway. Trebuchet is king, though. Even though Helvetica is all the rage, I must confess I really don’t get it. And Comic Sans was cool when that was your only fancy option…but now, it’s just comical. 😛

    And Brick is one cool kid. I used to use Copperplate Gothic for section headings, sneaking it in there between the awful Times New Roman. If you *must* use a serif font, there’s always Georgia or Garamond; your prof probably won’t even know the difference (I hope!).

  2. Helvetica looks like it’s Arials chubby brother. Nothing against the chubster, chubby is cute, but the fact that it’s related to Arial is the problem.

    LOL, honestly, when Brick mentioned Copperplate Gothic, I laughed but I was thinking what does that look like again? He IS cool!

    What if the professor is like Brick? 😮

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