Not so mysterious

The other night I got through reading A House To Die For.  It was very Mary Higgins Clark-ish. That is good on Mary Higgin Clark, but not even good enough.  I read maybe 3 of Clark’s books before I realized they all pretty much go along the same theme.  Rich man living his life when a murder takes place; did the rich man do it?  Enter beautiful woman, a journalist, agent of some sort, whatever.  She learns about the murder, and takes it upon herself to dig deeper, maybe due to natural human curiosity.  In the process, she falls in love with him, and by the end it is determined he is indeed innocent.  The books do serve one key purpose: it makes me jumpy and paranoid.

This book went pretty much down the same road.  A doctor is killed in a real estate property that he is interested in buying, later the housekeeper is knocked out unconscious on the same property, and the property owner is shoved off the cliff but survives.  I wouldn’t want that estate, no matter how gorgeous the surrounding scenery is.  As soon as the author pinpointed her suspicions on one man, it was blatantly obvious that it wasn’t him who did the crime and that she was just trying to create a surprise.  Apparently the property owner shared a negative history with the doctor, and is made the suspect of murder, yet again it appeared obvious that it wasn’t her.  Since the police chief wasn’t interested in fact finding and doing his job, the real estate agent decides she’ll meddle in the affair.  Surprise, surprise: in the process she falls in love with a investigative journalist who she meets up with out of nowhere and agrees to work with her.  The actual murderer was a surprise, so at least the author did something right.

I didn’t like the style it was written in either.  From the fact that the characters are using cell phones and are on the internet, I figure that it’s set in the ’90s or early 2000s.  Yet, the manner in which they communicate is like from they’re another era, and the technology just doesn’t fit.  The love plot was thankfully not so bad, they didn’t even kiss! But for heaven’s sake, I get it: the dude journalist makes her blush!  The author only mentioned that maybe 10 times.  At least he’s allegedly a gentleman.  😕

To be honest, I only finished the book to find out who the murderer was and because I didn’t want to feel lame not reaching the end of yet another book.


5 thoughts on “Not so mysterious

  1. Ummm, wait, you basically eliminated suspects without giving a SPOILER warning! The nerve.

    You’re a bad blogger. Or bad reviewer.

    /end snark/

    It always makes me snicker how, on Hulu, people apparently scroll down to the comments while watching the video, and then get all outraged that people are discussing what is happening in that very video. It’s like, hello, what else are they going to discuss here? What kind of bouquet they’re giving their mom for Mother’s Day?!

  2. Well, nah, I’d left it as a suspense if you were to read it. But it’s pointless for you to read it. So pointless.

    LOL! That’s a good idea, for me to go on Hulu and start a thread about what you just suggested. 🙂

    It’s their, not there. 😉

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