Friendships don’t go on forever, silly

Without suffering the boring details it’s pretty easy to say my friends from when I was 10 aren’t my friends today.  And alhamdulillah for that.   The concept of friendship never really worked out for me.  I’ve made friends pretty easily many times, but it was keeping friendships through distance that was darn right difficult.  I also simply never cared to.  They were great to meet up wherever the regular place was, usually the masjid or school, at a time I was used to.  But going out of my way to meet up with them?  Nah…  It’s not that I’m not sociable, okay, maybe I’m really not.  It’s also the lil issue that I’m the type who gets along better with non Muslims than with Muslims, but not the type of kid to ask my parents if I go hang out with friends.  I did that once, and the outing felt a bit shallow, not to mention after a while we didn’t really have much to say.  I decided it was not worth keeping up with the friends because I’d have to keep hanging out, and if I couldn’t hang out that meant I’d have to create fancy excuses.  Not worth the hassle.  I do think of those friends occasionally, they were actually pretty nice, down to earth, and funny.  Yet still, I would much rather just do what I do best: sit at home playing around on the computer and read a good book occasionally.

On another related note, sometimes I wonder how people manage to handle friendships with just random people who come in their life.  They can hit it off with pretty much anybody and just keep talking non-stop.  It’s a freakin talent, or something pretty darn close.  I don’t sincerely care to adopt that talent, because I’m happy as a loner as long as I have the few nice people around me.  But I guess it would be helpful to learn to say the right things at the right time with people I don’t really care to talk to and better yet, ask the right questions to get the opposite person to do all talking.

PS: I’m offended that NaBloPoMo ditched a prompt for Monday.  But whatevaaa!


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