It was nice knowing you 2010, and thanks for leaving as fast as you came. It’s pretty odd when you realize it’s the end of a freakin decade. I was only 12 in 2010, and if somebody told me that I’d pretty much kill the next years, I think I would been devastated, especially since I did visit the most amazing place in the world, and that really should have changed me for the better. That may be why it’s good that we don’t know the future and maybe it could help to forget the past in some instances.

I used to be pretty chilled about money related stuff. I don’t spend too much anyway, and it doesn’t take much effort for me to limit my spending to chocolate and the occasional lip gloss.  (Although the hat in Wal-Mart could cause me to splurge.) Then I woke up one day and somehow noticed: my parents aren’t young anymore.  Jee whiz, what a genius.  So, I spent most days this year wondering, what the heck am I goin to do with my life if all my plans don’t fall through?  I don’t have an answer yet.  We’ll just live it one day at a time but try not to chill too much.

My mother’s method of course is the opposite.  She definitely does not chill.  Her perseverance never ceases to amaze me.  Even when it lands me up in a 36 hour road trip through the canyons, rockies, and sprawling mid-West.  The road trip was amazing, and since we never travel just for the heck of it, at least we had the excuse to make the road trip.  We hated it in the moment, but at least looking back, I am grateful.  What is more surreal is that we literally fled from there, and following us was the heavy clouds.  The hail stones hit in the colorful state, but we tuned in later to find out that Allah really saved us from a scary flood in Dorothy’s land.

With a state in a crappy budget, never take 50 cents for granted.  Yes, the library will make a block on your account and prevent you from signing up classes.  But I did learn to cook as a result.  And made a lot of soy milk.  What could be more fun?!  (I am not being sarcastic.  Soy milk vs. Statistics, you do the math.  Haha. Ha. H..a..)  Stuff happens, and much worse than this has happened, so no regrets.

Eid was cool this year.  Both of ’em.  Eid al Fitr was the only Eid I ever had alone with just my parents.  It was weird, but fun.   Eid al Adha was the only Eid I ever had that many sweets.  It took a month to finish.  But it was awesome.  At least we make it different every year.


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