Retarded much?

Given the fact that schools are lacking as far as education goes, one would have assumed that if there’s anything they can do right, it would be stop bullying. Schools set up so many rules and regulations, treat the students just a little more kinder than a military environment, and teachers get finicky over the stupidest things, yet we’re in 2010 and bullying has gone up rather than down. On last night’s 20/20 episode, something struck me as odd when the school said they could not intervene in a case where a student was beaten up in their own home because that was an off campus issue.  Another student had a video put up on Youtube about six ways they would like to kill her.  How can you not expel such students, and have them diagnosed by a psychiatrist?  How can you let the victim remain in fear of an attack.  I wonder what the position of the school would be if the principal or a teacher was the victim of a students violence.  It’s not like these children are just bullying out of school anyway, they’re proud to do their stuff at school too.


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