The more I know them…

…the less I want to be around them.

I knew a sister for a while, and when they say first impressions are lasting impressions I guess they’re right. Whoever “they” are. I didn’t really like her, but then sometimes you just misinterpret somebody when all you have to go by is a forum post. Besides I was 15, and how smart are you when you’re 15? I was smart enough to know I was dumb. Fast forward 6 years, and I realize I was right back then. It sucks to be right about something so wrong. It sucks when you realize somebody was practicing something not for themselves, but for another person. Now that the person is out their life, the belief is out too. Maybe the person wronged her, but does committing a wrong against yourself make matters any better after you’ve been wronged by others? Life goes on though.


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