Women scare me

When they get dramatic, they go in over-drive.  That really scares me.  Without coming across as a self-hating female, I admit I have my fair share of dramatic moments.  That really scares me too.

I just don’t understand why people are not aware that there are boundaries.  When you’re talking to somebody, and you’re basically telling them what a moron they are you should at least have the courtesy to look up and notice their facial expression has gone from bubbly to utterly dejected.  That’s where I get up and walk away, ‘cuz you’re unstoppable.  And I don’t want to be told I’m a moron too.  Being a pinhead is enough for me really. 😉  That said, I also know it was a mixture of sleepiness and irritability that caused it, but it still worries me, because I notice a lot of women have a difficult time controlling themselves.  Believing you’re right is great, but there’s a way to display the righteousness so that the opposite person agrees that you’re right too.  And if they don’t, then so be it.


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